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Muttersprache Sarah Connor

Last November I was a lot on the road. In 2 days I drove 1200km alone, what means about 12 hours in the car. I heard a lot of radio with traffic news, songs from the charts - the last 2 hours I couldn't hear it anymore and I switched over to a station with German music and I was absolute fascinated by a certain beautiful voice and a song with a new kind of German lyrics - it must be a new singer, I thought.
Later at home I could find out that it was Sarah Connor a pop singer which had her greatest success about 10 years ago with English songs.
The new CD Muttersprache is actually my favorite and the special song was "Bedingungslos" what means Unconditionally , but there are a bunch of other beautiful German songs with good lryrics .. meanwhile it is on #1 of our charts.

English translation of "Bedingungslos" excerpt:

No, I will be there
Always there for you
And when you miss me
Look for me where love is

We hold back, let go,
Don't want to be alone, look for consolation
I am the one who stays with you

For your whole life
And here comes the heavy rain
Don't worry about me

I will be there
Always there for you
And when you miss me
Look for me where love is

2016-Feb-28 20:00

How to be an Imperfectionist

About the book How to be an Imperfectionist from Stephen Guise. Quote:

Change what you care action
Imperfect process actions

I got this book from my daughter to Christmas and it was a real eye-opener for me.

For me it's clear Stephen Guise got an important point. To realize your projects, your dreams or your simple every-days tasks you just have to start it - even if it's a really tiny step of the whole tasks and it has not to be perfect - and it's important to continue with these small, maybe even not perfect, steps.

Perfectionism is very often the real obstacle why so many people don't even start the smallest project. The target is not perfect clear, not every possible wrong step is considered .. or they start something and because the first result is not perfect they stop it immediately.

The book is very inspiring and I'm thinking a lot about Imperfectionism.
I know a lot of people, who think they have to be perfect, but it would be so much easier for them without it. If they ever would ask me for a recommendation what they should change, I hope I am able to say: Stop meaning you have to be perfect, the way you are is exactly how I like you, perfect imperfect :)

Our whole world an life is based on imperfect things - and so beautiful ! Imperfect things are beautiful! There is even a name for it "wabi-sabi". Quote from Wikipedia:

Wabi-sabi represents Japanese aesthetics and world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"....
Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, asperity (roughness or irregularity), simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.

2016-Feb-05 09:00

SolarMeaning - New Web Design

I have enough ...
Enough of the hacker attacks against my former WordPress blog ...
Enough of the spam attacks ..
Enough of the senseless trackbacks ..

It took me about half a day to put all posts form wordpress to my own Blog-Generator-Software ( ).
And there is no way back for me... I hope you enjoy the new design of

2015-Dec-26 22:00

Jeanine Vahldiek Band - The Interview

The concert of the Jeanine Vahldiek Band was so great, that I absolutely had to know more about the band - here the first interview on this website. The questions can be imagined - here only the translated answers from Jeanine:

*Yes, sometimes people actually believed that the name is Dutch. But I know nothing about it - I come from Berlin - at least for generations :)

*No, my parents do not have musical roots. I would say however, that I have nevertheless inherited my passion for music from my father, because he took me earlier with him in our music cellar, we heard the old singles and he encouraged me to listen carefully to the text ... we heard a lot of Beatles, Cat Stevens and Rock & Roll...

*To Australia I had only the money for one ticket and could not book row 27 to 10 :)

*In China I had 55 students in each of my sixth classes, which I gave English lessons. The students were about 14 years old and were a bit more 'privileged' and could afford a high school with English-speaking teachers. There I was half a year.

*I went with 23 years to Australia - after my orchestral studies in Berlin (yes, I was born in Berlin - Neukoelln and grew up in Spandau). Stayed 8 years in Australia, then the 1/2 year China, and then the time again in Berlin. Now I'm 36 - thanks for the compliment ... hi, hi! Guess that makes the good mood that one looks as a teen :) Zodiac - I am Aries.

*The last record we have treated ourselves was of 'Caro Emerald'. Do you know her? Absolut top class! Otherwise I hear anything what mixes handmade music combined with an inspirational text. I like music, if it's real and if it wants to tell me something about the thoughts of the musicians ...

*No, in China I was alone without Steffen. I've only met him again in Berlin - but in 2009 :)

*The way to play the harp I've thought myself ... basically my concern was mainly to have a bass voice to be able to play the melody above ... in between but you need also still a few harmonies, thus a kind of carpet is laid out - I put it as well as possible together .. :)

*Our meeting was then in the summer of 2009 at a 'classic-meets-pop orchester', in which we gave both temporary help. There was a trial period, a come-together every day to give at the end a couple of concerts (Movie Themes etc). Since I had first the idea (in China on the bridge) that the first thing I needed is a drummer - so it was clear that now I do not play more classical on the harp - there was Steffen quite wonderful. Since I was just a couple of weeks in Berlin and suddenly at once I got to know him :) He was luckily just looking for a stand-alone project, because he was fed up of 1000 different gigs, which with him, however, worked quite excellent! I was lucky enough to have caught me a very sought-after independent drummer. He was looking for a project where you can tuck lifeblood and is really passionate about it.

*Yes, with smooching :) On stage we just do not hang out so ... so Caro Emerald we find both great :)

*Yes, it comes to other things ... now. The first 4-5 years we just plowed through and hardly done anything else. At home we are constantly hung in the 'office', as we call it and took care of gigs and PR. Meanwhile, we have built a base that can be extended and we no longer have the feeling that everything collapses if one makes something else. We have worked very hard - but always with good humor :) Well we did it that we keep January free and take a vacation - we always explore a country with only a tent and backpack in nature ... last year was off Patagonia , in January this year we go to Costa Rica.

*Composing I do somehow always so 'in between' - when a person or situation in any manner touched me so emotional that I want to process the experience other than just through a conversation ... songwriting usually takes 'only' five minutes :)

*Yes exactly, arranging and rehearsing is exactly what then takes time ... there is fiddling until it's coherent ... and then I'll go to Steffen, who then brings his percussion ideas and then again fiddling !! Mostly also a few bars are painted in this period :) I am apparently a fan of (as we call them :) 'extra measures' which I install here and there, but they are totally unnecessary ... because Steffen is always amused and exclaims: 'Ah, again an extra clock' - we need to 'Hi, hi ...?

*Yes, there are actually some unreleased songs ... but whether they'll be right songs, I do not know. One writes from time to time cheese, the one the next day then found goofy ... I also have still the habit of never writing down the music ... for me it's always just a first draft of the text and nothing else. If the song is no longer 'in the fingers' the next day, he did not make it ... :) I'm pretty tough.

*Yes, the texts of the first two CD's can be found on the home page - the text of the third are in the CD booklet in case.

*I guess I was always a big supporter of good humor. But in life things do happen that are really and truly ugly and so I gave myself for the proper handling of these situations taught. There are in every situation, no matter how scary, always nice aspects ... if only it's the observing of a small ant that carries a crumb ... it's all a matter of looking at ...

*Yes, Facebook I do myself - and see it as part of the 'Fan-Care' and PR work ... I can not stand it, however, and have to get there very focused on the 'viewing' and ignore all the rubbish which is thrown to one ... but today it's marketing and it would be stupid not to do it ... if I had to promote any band, I was not there.

*Book: I - all of 'Walter Moers' - especially the translations of the ingenious "Hildegunst von Mythenmetz" (I've already nerved my whole family with it, nobody likes it ... hi, hi!) - Steffen - all of Dan Brown

*Movie: I - of course always changes, but at the moment probably still 'Lord of the Rings' - Steffen - The Commitments

*Musician: I - it changes and depends on the situation and mood - now, as I write this: James Hunter Six - Steffen - 'all good musicians'

*Dessert: I'm not a dessert-type - I'm more of the chips and flips - type :) - Steffen - hmmmmmmm .... Chocolate pudding :) He is the absolute gourmet-baggy-needs-it-be-type! We never really get in each others way and it it's best that he can eat my portion, too :)

*Thanks for the compliment about "You made it" - an instrumental version is often asked ... I had as yet not felt it :) :)

This interview with Jeanine Vahgldiek was carried out by emails in the period up to 4.November.2015, following the concert in Bonndorf. Many thanks to Jeanine and Steffen for the great and detailed answers!

2015-Dec-26 21:00

Jeanine Vahldiek Band

In einer ruhigen Minute, die wie ein kleiner Zauber wirkt, habe ich hier still gesessen und mich nicht gefragt, was das bewirkt. Die Welt sich selber überlassen, auch wenn sie sicher irgendwo bebt.Ich habe gewartet - bis ich bin - - ... Ich habe gewartet - bis ich bin - - . Auszug aus dem Lied Stille von der Jeanine Vahldiek Band

Translation: In a quiet moment, which acts like a little magic, I've been sitting here quietly and not wondering, what that causes. Lefting the world to itself, even though it sure is shaking somewhere. I waited - until I am - - ... I've been waiting for - until I am - -.
Excerpt from the song Silent - Jeanine Vahldiek band

A wonderful concert was that of Jeanine Vahldiek and her partner Stefan in our Paulinerheim in Bonndorf (Friday, 10/16/2015).
Actually, I was too tired to go away, but since the card was already there, I went anyway, and suddenly I was full awake and totally enchanted by the completely new kind of music.

What was it exactly .. the beautiful crystal-clear voice of Jeanine Vahldiek, that really good lyrics in English and German, the mixture of percussion and the unique harp?
How should I describe it, it was not the classical kind of harp music but simply different, modern, lively, cheerful .. refreshingly different. A kind of worldmusic - simply hear it.

The image is from the CD that I have got after the concert - with autograph from Jeanine - where I meant, by this brief eye-gaze in her beautiful large eyes, that, in addition to the obvious cheerful and optimistic Jeanine on stage, I could recognize a thoughtful, sensitive, introverted and also in this way wonderful person ..

Do you know this feeling, while you're experiencing something very beautiful, you're also getting a bit sad, because you know, that this will likely never happen again ?

I hear the CD "A little Courage" yesterday throughout the day, while renovating our house, and I never could get enough of it, the music does not get boring at all, the crystal clear tones and specific melodies are unique. The only pitty is, that I did not immediately bought all 3 CD's - but I can get it e.g. at Itunes.

My favorite songs on this CD are "Humor" "Stille" "You made it" "Was man sagt" .. But actually I like them all :)
More about the band can be found here : Jeanine-Vahldiek.COM and a interesting interview in German here: Deutsche Mugge

2015-Oct-19 22:00

Reuben Margolin - Kinematic Sculptures

On saturday morning we usually take a bit more time in bed until we stand up, there I have my most ideas and inspirations - I am awake to nearly the normal time, but then I'm daydreaming until my wife is awake. Deep relaxed I have often a burst of ideas and visions, I am able to dive deep into a matter or theme - sometimes I have to switch on the light and write down the ideas, because I can't wait and don't want to loose the ideas.

This weekend I thought a lot about Technical-Design-Objects, wood-made or based on other pure-natural-material, which already exists 200 years ago - and most important absolute no plastic and other artificial material. Combining old and new wisdom is always a thing which interests me. What about applying modern techniques to natural 'old' material? Tech and Beauty, Tech and Art other aspects ..

Looking for things which are already existing I found the beautiful Kinematic Sculptures of Reuben Margolin , very inspiring.

2015-Sep-20 22:00

The Culture of Repair

We are just back from our holidays in South Tyrol, the day before yesterday we visited the book-store "Buchladen Lana", there we bought some souvenirs for the family. In contrast to our usual purchases at Amazon it was a nice ambient and we could take time to get some inspirations and for the look and "feel" of the books. First I didn't want to buy this interesting book, but then there was quite a long que before the check out and I turned around and took it with me - for under 10€ - a lucky stroke as it turned out.

"Die Kultur der Reparatur" - The Culture of Repair is written by Wolfgang M. Heckl , he is the general manager of the "Deutsches Museum München" one of the most beautiful technical museums I know - and an amateur repairer with his full heart ..

I already mentioned the new movement of repair-coffe's in my German Blog t-relaxed in 2012. But this book is more than that, it's also a philosophy of repairing, understanding and maintaining things - it speaks directly to my soul. You can get a lot of inspiration and self-affirmation out of repairing ordinary things instead of simply throwing them away and buy new ones.

As a young boy I rarely found the way to the kinder garden, the short way to it was full of distractions, interesting stones and screws and other things, coming home my shorts were most times heavy loaded with my findings.

While going to school the most part of my free time I played on the junk yard of my fathers car repair station, no one had time to explain something, so I had to find out the most things by my own. Later I made an apprentice-ship to a car-electrician and because I wanted to learn more I studied Electronics. My self-made tandem-bike, my first motor-bike and even my first car were very old and you had to repair a lot to bring them to work. My first detector-radio, multivibrators and light-organ .. old tube-radios with magic-eyes .. I still have a lot of emotions to that little success stories.

My father and I never talked too much with each other, but when we did something together, when we fixed things and repaired some tricky faults on cars , we were really together and understood each others without a lot of words - I never forget the look in each others eyes and our smiling after we solved really difficult repairs.

Even my children have got some repair-genes. As a pre-school-girl my daughter had a lot of fun to dis-assemble defect devices and to look what's behind them.

I remember how my son and I changed the whole motor of my sons car, it was an Opel-Corsa, with my late father as an advisor and he helped us at some critical points,too - still very emotional when I think about it. We needed about 4 days, to put the spare-motor out of a junk-yard-car to put the defect motor out of the Corsa and to build in the replacement and brought it to life - WOW ! OK - we needed 2 other weekends to disable the electronic immobilizer, a fault caused by the uncompatibel motor-control-unit - but we solved it together with other friends ..

On the photo below you see some Trophies which were on my desk since a few years. The red nut is a finding from a field-way in the near, if I look at it I can imagine the red McCormick tractor, which probably loose this part.

The 3 parts of screws are from my former Opel-Omega exhaust. The screws were broken and stuck in an aluminium cylinder head, the exhaust was leaking. I drilled in some holes, where I tried severals tools like "left-twist" and "allen-keys" to get the rest of the screws out. With the advice of my brother an auto-mechanic-master and business-owner I finally achieved the even for experts very difficult task, while the motor was still in the car - more exciting than a thousand crime-novels !!

"Die Kultur der Reparatur" gave me another kick to continue my free-time-repair-adventures, I had a lot of projects and still a lot of ideas and devices in my cellar ... let's make the world a better place :)

Did I mention that I bought this spring a first old type-writer at Ebay ? A DDR-Erika type-writer from 1959 it was defect and below 10€, I repaired it and made some photos, the next is already under my bed, a type-writer from 1940 - in parts - like a puzzle - it's cool to buy cheap defect devices and to repair them. The film "The Shadow dancer" ( Liebe lieber Italienisch 2005) inspired me to buy a type-writer, in comparison to a PC-keyboard it's another more sensual feeling to write, you have to think more what you write, corrections are not so easy..

The reason why I currently do not write a lot in my Blogs - the last months we are renovating our 150 year old house in our free time, one flat of it, a kind of repair, too ...

2015-Sep-05 22:00

Elision - Peter Allmend

Elision - Meeting with a wise woman - audiobook

I don't know if this book is available in english, but I have to write about it anyway. I like it very much and heard it already several times in the last days.

Peter Allmend is the artist name of a Swiss lawyer working in Zürich. He tells a story how he met a wise woman while walking alone in the Alps, Elision was a supernatural being as it turns out. Though her tales are very easy to understand, they are full of wisdom and sometimes a bit magical. You have the immediate feeling of that they are so true and you are wondering why this was never writen before. A lot of different things were explained, as an example here what she told about Happiness ( excerpt ) :

About Happiness
Happiness lies in the simple things

2015-May-03 22:00


Here at the south end of the Black Forest and in about 900m height we have to wait a bit longer for Spring. But now everything growth very fast. It's fun to go outside and to enjoy the fresh air and the first warm sun rays.

This week we had our first ice-cream outside and it seemed to me that all woman and girls were smiling in their summer dresses ..

Evey year to this time I feel an urge to build some solar driven machines and devices. To be self-sufficient is one of my dreams - maybe I should not dream too much, maybe I should just do it.

2015-Apr-26 22:00

I'm not in love

I love Diana Krall - Her voice is sooo beautiful.

Her new album Wallflower is currently my absolute favorite.

2015-Apr-18 22:00

Fasting for Healing

Arte-TV Heilen und Fasten

A film about Fasting, interesting are revealed findings from Russia.

In about 70% of all cases lifestyle diseases such as rheumatism, asthma and diabetes are cured by a single application for years.

Dr. Yuri Nikolayev has achieved remarkable results in curing depressed, phobics, obsessive-compulsive disorder and schizophrenia, too.

An interesting positive effect of fasting in cancer therapy is shown eg 5 days before the chemotherapy.

This also supports the view that one can heal by omitting something rather than to administer medications.

Also interesting is how long a person can live without food. This can, for example, go 40 days. Limit is the breakdown of muscles, including the heart, from a certain degree on death is the consequence.

The risk of anorexia should be considered and no fast should be done over several days without medical care.

2015-Mar-07 21:00

Sugar is good, Fat is good

The dessert this weekend was soooo delightful ... hmmmmm .

There was an interesting report on Arte Television. A test whether a fat-diet or a sugar-diet is more harmful. A twin pair was tested.

One ate sugar and carbohydrates, sweets, bread, noodles, vegetables, fiber. The other fat cheese meat sausages and so on - but no carbohydrates.

Both were at the end comparable, but the one with the sugar diet was mentally more effective and most most amazing his insulin was lower!

With sugar Or fat the appetite disappears, a natural feeling of fullness appears.

Harmful is a sugar-fat combination of about 50% to 50% - half sugar and half fat like in icecream, donuts, chocolate and cheese-cake. You have no that natural feeling of fullness .

Try it by yourself and don't mix fat and sugar ... be creative and maybe you'll get amazing results !

The film in german language : arte-tv

2015-Mar-02 21:00

Shake it off..

While washing the breakfast dishes I listen to Radio Argovia, a nearby Swiss radio. Today I heared this fresh, happy and funny song from Taylor Swift - Shake it off .. a nice motto for today :)
I realized I'm not the only one, who likes this song, I was number 564.341.530 who watched the video on Youtube.

2015-Feb-10 07:00

Antifragile - Things that gain from disorder

Antifragile is a great book with a number of interesting new ideas. The German subtitle means "Instructions for a world we do not understand" .

In one sentence, a fragile glass falls to the ground and shatters - a antifragile glass falls to the ground, doesn't break and is even getting stronger through this. Other Examples :

Antifragile :
I've read the 600 pages + 100 pages annex in a few evenings - super exciting and very inspiring.

A completely new way of seeing things and life, thoughts:

2015-Feb-07 13:00

Unconditional Acceptance

A inspiring source for my self-development since years is Leo Babauta's Blog Zenhabits He un-copyrighted his blog posts - here as an exception Leos original post :

Unconditional Acceptance of Yourself

Many of us are familiar with the idea of loving our spouses, children, or parents unconditionally — and we might even try to practice that unconditional love, though imperfectly.

But do we try to love ourselves unconditionally?

Consider whether you do any of these (I sure do):

For many of us, there’s an underlying feeling of not being good enough, wanting to be better, wanting to be in better shape or better at things. This isn’t something we think about much, but it’s there, in the background.

What if we applied unconditional acceptance of who we are? What if we took a good look at ourselves, our body, our thoughts, our feelings, our actions, and said, “You are perfectly OK. You are perfectly good”?

Would that be a whole different experience for you? Could you accept every single thing about yourself, just as you are, without feeling that it needs to be changed?

I know what many people will immediately say: “But what’s wrong with wanting to improve, with seeing things that need to be improved? Doesn’t feeling bad about ourselves motivate us to change?”
Yes, it can be a motivator. But feeling bad about yourself can also be an obstacle: people who feel that they are fat, for example, are more likely to eat poorly and not exercise, because they see themselves as fat. They are likely to feel bad about themselves and to comfort themselves with food, alcohol, cigarettes, TV, Internet addictions.

What if instead, you loved yourself, fat body and all? What if you loved yourself, laziness and all? What if you loved yourself, all that is ugly and incompetent and mean, along with the beauty and brilliance and kindness?

This person who loves herself (or himself) … she’s more likely to take actions that are loving. Doing some mindful yoga, or taking a walk with a friend after work, eating delicious healthy food like beans and veggies and nuts and berries and mangos and avocados, meditating, drinking some green tea … these are loving actions.

Acceptance isn’t stagnation — you will change no matter what. You can’t avoid changing. The question is whether that change comes from a place of acceptance and love, or a place of self-dislike and dissatisfaction. I vote for unconditional love.

2015-Jan-28 21:01

Melanie Payer

Melanie Payer - Vielleicht, Vielleicht auch nicht ( maybe, maybe not )

Melanie Payer is born in 1990. She is married and has two children. She lives in Austria, Carinthia. Besides her voice, I like her enchanting and charming smile, another promising singer.

2015-Jan-28 20:00

Revel in the adventure of new ideas - Steve Teig

A very inspiring talk - Steve Teig :
More videos : Stanford-Entrepreneurship-CornerStanford-Entrepreneurship-Corner

2015-Jan-27 21:00


Peter Thiel co-founded Paypal, he was born in Frankfurt in 1967 and is now a venture capitalist. His book Zero-to-One arose from a lecture for start-ups. It is refreshingly different and sometimes delightfully provocative - his tips for startups and other entrepreneurs:

Besides the known success and failure stories, there are also companies that have obviously done everything right like TESLA.

Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet. I think in addition to a lot of courage, good expertise, the right time, the right nose and the right connections, you just need a lot of luck.

I am a little envious of the start-up scene in the US, it just needs a lot of start-up attempts, as only few of them will be lucky.

2015-Jan-25 21:01

Maria Levin

Maria Levin - Ueber uns ein neuer Himmel ( Above us a new heaven ) Found by chance - I like this song very much and can't get enough of it, a very pleasant voice. Her Website: Maria Levin

2015-Jan-25 21:00

Linda Faeh

Linda Faeh - Unendlich wie das Meer ( Endless like the Sea) .

Linda Faeh has a beautiful voice, I discovered her song in German language by chance in YOUTUBE - then I wanted to know more about her - and discovered more beautiful songs from her and other singers .. Music discoveries .. to be continued.

Linda Faeh born November 10, 1987 in Switzerland. After high school and apprenticeship as a bank clerk she was voted to Miss Switzerland 2009. She moderates TV magazines and is involved as an event host. Source and more about Linda Faeh on her site : Linda Faeh

2015-Jan-24 21:03

Nice to meet YOU !

Nice to meet YOU - Cool that you visit my site :) You can call me Didi, like my friends do ..

SolarMeaning my new blog in English, started January 24, 2015.

I live in South-Germany, near the Swiss border in about 900m height. The photo shows our View from the Top down to the Swiss Alps. I have countless interests and I'm an uncurable optimist.

Write a comment if you like to tell me something, You'll get the answer as fast as possible.


PS: This is the English continuation of my German blogs: einfach-freuen

2015-Jan-24 21:02


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Auf unseren Seiten sind Plugins des sozialen Netzwerks Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA integriert. Die Facebook-Plugins erkennen Sie an dem Facebook-Logo oder dem "Like-Button" ("Gefällt mir") auf unserer Seite. Eine Übersicht über die Facebook-Plugins finden Sie hier: Wenn Sie unsere Seiten besuchen, wird über das Plugin eine direkte Verbindung zwischen Ihrem Browser und dem Facebook-Server hergestellt. Facebook erhält dadurch die Information, dass Sie mit Ihrer IP-Adresse unsere Seite besucht haben.

Wenn Sie den Facebook "Like-Button" anklicken während Sie in Ihrem Facebook-Account eingeloggt sind, können Sie die Inhalte unserer Seiten auf Ihrem Facebook-Profil verlinken. Dadurch kann Facebook den Besuch unserer Seiten Ihrem Benutzerkonto zuordnen. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir als Anbieter der Seiten keine Kenntnis vom Inhalt der übermittelten Daten sowie deren Nutzung durch Facebook erhalten. Weitere Informationen hierzu finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung von facebook unter Wenn Sie nicht wünschen, dass Facebook den Besuch unserer Seiten Ihrem Facebook-Nutzerkonto zuordnen kann, loggen Sie sich bitte aus Ihrem Facebook-Benutzerkonto aus.

Datenschutzerklärung für die Nutzung von Twitter

Auf unseren Seiten sind Funktionen des Dienstes Twitter eingebunden. Diese Funktionen werden angeboten durch die Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA. Durch das Benutzen von Twitter und der Funktion "Re-Tweet" werden die von Ihnen besuchten Webseiten mit Ihrem Twitter-Account verknüpft und anderen Nutzern bekannt gegeben. Dabei werden auch Daten an Twitter übertragen.

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir als Anbieter der Seiten keine Kenntnis vom Inhalt der übermittelten Daten sowie deren Nutzung durch Twitter erhalten. Weitere Informationen hierzu finden Sie in der Datenschutzerklärung von Twitter unter

Ihre Datenschutzeinstellungen bei Twitter können Sie in den Konto-Einstellungen unter ändern.

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